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Cheap Couch Slipcovers for Any Budget

If you are looking for couch slipcovers that are easily affordable and can do wonders for your furniture, then you have chosen a very popular path among consumers. Couch slipcovers exist for any shape or size chair you might have and in a whole variety of colors and fabrics. There are floral prints, animal prints, pattern designs, geometric shapes, and of course the perennial favorite solids. Is your couch a recliner, love seat, sectional, or wing-back? Does it have square cushions or T cushions? Are the arms rounded, wedge, or square? Are there arms at all? Whatever type of couch you have, you can rest assured that there is a slipcover that will fit. Even for the oddest shaped couch, perhaps a corner sofa with one arm, it’s still possible to get a snug fitting slipcover that will look natural and absolutely gorgeous.

The secret to getting an exact fit depends largely on your budget. If you have a very expensive couch, it may be well worth considering this option even if there is nothing wrong with it. You may simply want to protect your pricey investment with a good-fitting slipcover that will do it justice. There is an answer to that. If your budget is high, then you can get custom made slipcovers cut precisely to the measurements you make on the chair in the comfort of your own home. Take the appropriate measurements as indicated by any slipcover fabricator and within a week you’ll get it shipped right to your door. The cheapest custom slipcovers start from $100 and move on upwards. The price can vary depending on the amount of fabric that is needed, the complexity of the design, and the type of material you choose. Synthetic suede or leather will definitely cost more than denim, which in turn costs more than plain cotton.

If you want the cheap and affordable route that most consumers take, then look into ready made slipcovers. These are made to fit most chairs reasonably well. There are size ranges that the slipcovers will fit, so be sure to make a few measurements of your existing couch so you know what slipcover sizes to look for. Also make note of the couch cushions and arm types. Note whether the couch uses square cushions or T cushions as this makes a big difference. T cushions are not perfectly square and have a small protrusion in the corner or corners depending on if it is a single cushion or more. The slipcovers are also made to fit different arm styles. You do not want to buy a wedge arm slipcover if you have square arms because it simply won’t fit right.

Cheaper still, you can opt for single piece slipcovers that only cover a portion of your sofa. At this point you are going for a very utilitarian route because you most likely have some damaged or dirty part of the couch that you want to protect and cover, but need not spend the extra on a full set that covers the entire couch. This approach can save you the money as slipcover sets generally come in two or three pieces. Why pay extra for slipcovers you simply don’t need? Look for cushion slipcovers that only cover the back or seat cushions and you’ll be on your way.

You can still get all the goodness of slipcovers, notably the design flair it gives, if you want the cheapest upgrade you can do. These cheap slipcovers are designed to fit on the arms of your couch only. They aren’t big pieces of fabric and you don’t have to hassle over trying to fit two cushions into one slipcover. The fit right over the arms of your sofa and are sold in pairs. Again it’s important to make note of your arm types before you shop for these arm slipcovers. You can, because they are so cheap, just get arm slipcovers just as an added decorating touch to bring a little life into your couch. They are so affordable you don’t really need a good excuse to buy them, and they come in sets of pairs to cover both sofa arms.

With so many options for cheap couch slipcovers to choose from, there is a way to get a slipcover for your home needs regardless of your budget. Ranging from the high budget customs to bare budget arm covers, there are slipcovers to fit everyone’s needs. Couch slipcovers are all easy to wash and are great for giving your couch new life so you can continue to enjoy them for many more years.

Sectional Slipcover Fabrics

Getting a set of sectional slipcovers for your sofa suite allows you to extend the usage and lifetime of your furniture. Combined with the many slipcover fabrics available for sofa sectionals, it’s easy to pick out a perfect match for your interior decor. Whether you are looking to protect your brand new sectional suite or just want to modernize a weary chair, corner sofa, or love seat, sectional slipcovers will give you hassle-free convenience at an affordable price. A simply reupholstering job can cost nearly as much as the chair itself. Add on the fact that you have an entire set of sectional furniture you need to reupholster and you can see why slipcovers are such a popular alternative option today. A bonus is the care-free maintenance that slipcovers for sectionals provide. Even a reupholstered sofa needs to be protected from spills and stains. If a mess should ever fall on a sectional slipcover, though, it’s a different matter altogether. Simply throw it in the wash or if all else fails, get a new slipcover set.

Today’s decorating tastes vary widely from person to person. That’s why there are so many fabric choices and colors available. Gone are the days when slipcovers had a utilitarian purpose to simply protect the furniture during every day use. Traditionally, slipcovers were removed for special occasions or guests. However today the trend is focused on using slipcovers for decorating. Instead of taking them off, slipcovers are kept on or even put on for guests because of the fashion statement they make.

Deciding on what kind of style statement is largely determined by the fabric you select. If you want a low-cost, low-maintenance material, then 100% cotton is by far the best choice. It’s widely available everywhere, it’s a basic fabric that is used in clothing, and you can get just about any color or pattern you want with cotton. Washing machines are designed to wash cotton (in fact, many machines have a “cotton” setting); the same goes for irons as well (you’ll still need to iron out any wrinkles in your slipcover).

If you want a different look but still want the easy maintainability of cotton, consider a durable denim fabric. Just like an old pair of jeans, it looks better and better with every wash. There are also similarly rugged fabrics like chenille and twill that, like denim, have unique diagonal weave patterns. These slipcover fabrics also have different textures to add another dimension of design style to your sectional.

An increasingly popular fabric today is synthetic suede and faux leather. These provide that sophisticated and classy look associated with leather sofa sectionals. If you have a cloth sectional, you’ve got a chance to instantly upgrade your chairs to a higher level of class. Leather is also very modern and sleek, and works well if you are decorating your home with a minimalist or modernist theme. Because it’s not real leather, there isn’t the high-price barrier of entry associated with today’s genuine leather sofas. An added benefit is an increased durability. Synthetic suede and leather are actually more durable than real leather. This is great because you’ll be using your sectional sofas frequently and these slipcovers will stand up to the use.

Express yourself with a unique floral print or get a beautiful geometric pattern to anchor your living room’s design theme. Choosing a different fabric than what’s on your existing sectionals can completely change your home’s look. Sectional slipcovers provide a number of conveniences like easy cleaning and durability. Like changing up a sofa by rearranging your sectional pieces, you can also change up your sofa’s look with sectional slipcovers.