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Classy Suede Sectional Slipcovers

Suede sectional slipcovers are perfect for old and worn out sectional sofas. Sofas that are divided into a number of sections are considered sectional sofas. These are usually upholstered so that they look like one whole sofa. It is especially difficult to find dining chair slipcovers and sofa slipcovers that will fit perfectly on your furniture. However, with the right amount of patience and determination, you’ll be able to find just the right chair slipcover that will fulfill your needs and standards.

Advantages of sectional slipcovers:
• Disguise old or worn upholstery
• Can transform the look of your home
• Good for enhancing existing home décor
• Easy to assemble / east to disassemble
• Low maintenance
• Machine-washable
• Keeps furniture looking clean and neat
• Durable
• Spill, stain, and wrinkle resistant
• Comfortable

Slip covers that are especially designed for sectional sofas are made into separate pieces that will fit the various parts of the sofa so that they’ll seamlessly blend into one. Some sectional slipcovers don’t come with a piece that will fit over the armrests of your sofa, so keep this in mind as you shop around for your slipcover.

Other types of sectional slipcovers come with a stain-resistant feature to them. Some have Scotchguard protector that makes any type of spill simply roll off the fabric and keeps the chair cover cleaner for a longer period of time. Suede sectional slipcovers also come with the feature that prevents wrinkles and bunching from forming on the chair cover material. Suede keeps your furniture warmer during the colder months so you won’t have to worry about sitting on a freezing couch. Be careful though, since some sofas are “sueded” which means that they look and feel like suede, but are not actually made from it.

suede sectional slipcoversA number of manufacturers patent their own unique design features. For example, some suede sectional slipcovers feature an attachable armrest cover that can be used to fit a variety of different types of sectional sofas and even reclining sectionals as well. For some manufacturers, the arm covers come as a part of the slipcover package. The left and right arm covers are specially marked for easy identification as you assemble them onto your sectional sofa. Sectional slipcovers are sold in sets, so you don’t have to worry too much about missing a slipcover piece for your sofa.

Besides suede, sectional slipcovers also come in fabrics such as twill, denim, cotton, and polyester. All slipcovers are machine washable and can be easily dried in the dryer or hung out to dry on a clothesline. For light spills, spot-cleaning with a damp towel is sufficient enough to clean the slipcover.

Sectional slipcovers come in a variety of different materials and designs. It all depends on the look that you are trying to achieve for your living space. With slipcovers, you can change up the look of your home in little to no time at all and with minimal effort on your part. You could go for something classy like a suede sectional slipcover. These slipcovers not only give your space a modern and classy feel but also provide you with a material that is nice to the touch. Simply sprucing up with slipcovers can make a dramatic change to the overall mood and atmosphere of your house for any occasion. Your guests will be impressed by the look of your home and with your chic suede sectional slipcovers!

Types of Furniture Slipcovers for Sofas

There are several types of furniture slipcovers for sofas available to suit any budget and need. Ranging from the full on custom made slipcover to the very basic or partial slipcover, prices can vary from under-$100 to the hundreds. Even considering the most extreme cost, slipcovers are still a fiscally viable alternative to purchasing brand new sofas or getting an existing one re-upholstered. Sofas can easily go into the thousands of dollars and not everyone has this kind of budget to spend. Slipcovers are not only economical, they also offer many more benefits than a plain sofa. You never have to worry about stains any longer because cleaning the sofa is just a simple matter of removing a slipcover and tossing it into your washing machine. You can get multiple sets in different colors, textures, and patterns to freshen up your home decor at a moment’s notice. Try swapping sofas or even keeping a spare sofa around, for that matter.

With the many advantages of using sofa slipcovers now evident, the next logical step is to determine the types of furniture slipcover options available for you to use on your sofa. There are four main types and these will fit any budget.

Custom Fit Slipcovers for Sofas

This is the most expensive option, usually starting around $100 and varies depending on the amount of fabric needed and the type of fabric. Custom fit slipcovers give an unprecedented degree of snugness to make the cover look natural on your furniture. These usually require many careful measurements for getting a precise fit but on the upside, placing an order is as simple as an order form submission or phone call. You just need to pass the numbers on to the fabricator. A custom slipcover is still much cheaper than even the cheapest sofa, which might start at several hundreds of dollars. And if your existing sofa is still in great condition, you can make it new again going this route.

Pre-Fit Slipcovers for Sofas

These are the slipcovers commonly found in stores. They usually have a range of sofa dimensions that the slipcover can fit written right on the packaging, so be sure to make a few basic measurements of your couch before you start shopping for these. The pre-fit slipcovers are usually less than $100 but some can cost more. Many fabric options are available. The most common and popular choice is cotton. It’s easily washable and cheap to make. There are more exotic materials like denim, damask, and even faux leather and synthetic suede. These options will easily dress up an older sofa with a new luxurious look. Imagine getting a brand new leather sofa for a fraction of the price! This is the power of a pre-fit slipcover.

Slipcovers for Cushions

If even a slipcover set is too costly an option, you can also buy slipcovers for just the sofa cushions. These include the back pillows and seat cushions. You may not need the full slipcover set which includes a base slipcover and covers for the back and seats, so why pay for what you don’t need? Look for these slipcover cushions to get the same benefits as pre-made slipcovers but only for the necessities.

Slipcovers for Arms

The cheapest slipcovers you can buy simply cover the sofa arms. They are a beautiful way to add a touch of color to an existing couch. Even if you don’t need to protect the arms or your existing sofa’s arms are perfectly fine, you may still want to consider getting arm slipcovers just for the added decorating benefit. Imagine what wonders a beautiful floral print on a while or beige sofa will do for your ambiance. They are so cheap you can buy multiple pairs and still be able to change the look of your sofa as you would with a full slipcover set.

These types of sofa slipcovers each address different needs at different price points. Your sofa, no matter how stained or tattered, can still quickly benefit from slipcovers for sofas. Best of all, you won’t have to spend that much and you have an option for any budget you set.

Pick the Perfect Couch Slipcovers

Picking the perfect couch slipcovers for your living room is no easy task. This is because there are simply so many styles, colors, fabrics, materials, and sizes of slipcovers that the narrowing down the selection can be difficult. To pick the right couch slipcovers, it’s a matter of categorizing the choices available against the choices you can make. As you know, not every couch is exactly the same but there is no way to make a slipcover for every size or dimension that exists unless you want to buy custom couch slipcovers make to spec.

By far the simplest categorization is done via the couch’s arms. Couch arms come in only a few varieties, and by determining the couch arm shape, you can easily narrow down stretch couch slipcover choices to just the ones you want to look at. The main types of arms that are generally found in most couches are rounded arms, square arms, wedge arms, and armless. Since these are the four main types that cover the majority of sofas out there, it is an easy way to eliminate slipcover choices that would not fit your couch.

Once you’ve done this step, it is simply a matter of further categorizing of your couch. Is it a sectional couch? These are popular and versatile furniture pieces that consist of smaller pieces (usually one couch seat) that can be rearranged with other members of the suite to form brand new couch configurations. These types of couches require sectional couch slipcovers designed specifically for them as they are not shaped in the same way as traditional couches. They are modular pieces and you will need to take apart each piece of the sectional and buy a separate slipcover for each. This is important as there will be no cheating and buying a single slipcover set to fit over two sectionals. They simply aren’t designed for that and you will have a hard time fitting them. The rule is one slipcover per sectional.

Another way to continue categorization is through the cushions. Many couches feature T-cushions that need to be fitted with T-cushion couch slipcovers. This is due to the unique shape of the cushion as the slipcovers are either made in the shape of rectangles or must be specially designed for a T-cushion. Be sure to make note of this when you look at slipcovers. There is a difference here so do make note of the cushion type.

The final step is the fun part: deciding on what material to buy. The most popular and common fabric is the tried and true cotton. It’s a cheap and highly versatile fabric that comes in many prints and colors. It’s durable and very easy to wash like your clothing. More exotic materials include twill, chenille, and denim. These are all very durable and the advantage of these is in the weaving patterns, which can give a unique look not found in a cotton slipcover. There are zig-zag, square, or diagonal weaves to give an exotic touch to your couch. There are even leather couch slipcovers available if you decide you want to go for an even more sophisticated look.

Couch slipcovers are a great way to give an old recliner or loveseat that has been through a little bit of wear and tear but is otherwise perfectly usable a new lease on life. They can also be used to protect new furniture or to effortlessly change decorating looks when you get tired of your current one. There is a fabric, print, and pattern to go with any decor no matter how eclectic, and to top if off you will never have to worry about any spills or stains on your beloved couch because cleaning them is just a machine wash away. Though the choices can be overwhelming at first, figure out what type of couch you have by following our pointers above and focus on just the couch slipcovers you can use. Make a decision on fabric and color and you’ll have the perfect slipcover for your couch.