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Versatility and Benefits of Slipcovered Sectionals

Slipcovered sectionals highlight your living space in ways that regular or unadorned sofas and couches don’t. Sectional sofas are the most common form of seating arrangement. They come as separate pieces of furniture, but can be fitted together to form one whole sofa and can also be arranged into different positions. The order in which you arrange the pieces does not matter—it’s up to you! A sectional sofa is much more versatile in comparison to the traditional three-seat sofa.

Slipcovers for sectional sofas come in two, four, or seven piece sets. A two piece set gives your slipcovered sectional a more modern look when you arrange them into a ninety degree angle. It can fit perfectly in your office space, your personal home office, or in the den. This kind of sectional sofa arrangement works best if your room space is limited and not very large all around. Adding such a sofa to your room creates the illusion of space.

slipcovered sectionalsOn the other hand, the four to seven piece sectional sofas can be arranged in a greater number of ways and are much more versatile in terms of use. Usually, most of the seats cushions are paired with back cushions and have at least one or two armrests that can either go on the right or the left side. This type of slipcovered sectional is the most popular since it can easily be arranged into a variety of shapes—a straight line, an L shape, or even a semi circle. There is a slipcover for every kind of sectional sofa.

A good thing about sectional sofas is that they are not as bulky and immobile as three and four seated couches. Since sectionals come as independent pieces, you can easily move them from one room to the next. They can fit through doorways, hallways, and even down the stairs. For those who live in apartments, this type of sofa is perfect for your home decorating needs.

Benefits of Slipcovered Sectionals:
• Available in a variety of colors and patterns
• Available in different fabrics and materials
• Disguise old or frayed upholstery
• Saves you money

Although the sofa itself is very functional and versatile to use, the designs and that it comes in is very limited. However this problem can be easily solved with slipcovers for sectional sofas. There are a variety of slipcovers with different designs available to you. Slipcovered sectionals with a stylish design can transform the overall feel of your room instantly. Sofa covers are a great alternative to a frustrating and fruitless search for a sectional that comes in the right fabric and material that will match your home décor. Instead of sacrificing design for functionality, all you’ll need to do is browse around for a sectional slipcover that satisfies your interior designing needs.

Slipcovers for sectional sofas come in suede, natural fibers, and leather. They can be patterned or simply solid colored. As you decide what kind of style you would like your slipcovered sectionals to be, make sure that it matches the style of the room that you ultimately decide to put it in.

Slipcovered sectionals are not only aesthetically pleasing but are effective in minimizing costs in furniture replacement. They help disguise the look of old and worn out furniture or upholstery. Slipcovered sectionals dress up your living space elegantly and effortlessly.

Sectional Sofa Slipcovers as a Form of Furniture Insurance

Sectional sofa slipcovers are a great way to keep your furniture clean and protected from wear and tear from regular use. If you haven’t noticed already, shopping for new furniture can be very costly and time consuming. Whether it’s a just a couch, sofa, recliner, or dining chair, the prices for these pieces of furniture can really burn a hole through your pocket! This especially applies to those of you who own sectional sofas.

The more expensive your sofa was, the more incentive you have to protect it. Many people buy expensive sectional sofas only to find themselves feeling obligated to keep it clean and feeling like they can’t enjoy the couch however they want. If you are one of these people, protecting your hard-earned furniture should be one of your top priorities. The benefits of slipcovers are endless.

Benefits of Sectional Sofa Slipcovers:
• Protect furniture from spills and messes
• Protect furniture form rips and tears
• Keeps your furniture looking clean and neat for many years
• Helps disguise old, worn out, or mismatching furniture
• Slipcovers keep your sectional sofa in pristine condition
• Can be easily assembled onto or removed from sectional sofas
Machine washable
• Alternative and cheaper option to reupholstering your existing furniture
• Sectional slipcovers can change the overall look and feel of your room to fit your decorating needs

sectional sofa slipcoversSectional sofa slipcovers offer protection to your furniture similar to how an insurance policy works. Even though it’s not possible to buy insurance for your furniture, sectional slipcovers function as a form of protection for your furniture from spills and other messes.

These kinds of sofas are the popular choice for families with kids. Not only do you have a very large surface area on your sectional sofa, but great functionality as well since they can be arranged in different positions. However, with kids around, it is likely that you’ll be faced with the prospect of having to clean spills off of your slipcovered sectionals. Sectional slipcovers can eradicate this problem since they are designed to protect all types of fabrics—leather, suede, polyester, or cotton. Sofa slipcovers keep your furniture looking clean and neat for an extended period of time. They keep your sofas from being permanently stained and frayed from continued use. With slipcovers, you’ll never have to worry about your furniture upholstery ripping or tearing.

Although some people may say that a sofa slipcover is not a necessity, it’s really not entirely true. If you had just spent a considerable amount of money on your sectional sofa, wouldn’t it be a good idea to keep it in pristine condition with a chair slipcover? It saves you the trouble of having to reupholster your furniture when it becomes old and worn out. Depending on the type of fabric you choose, you’ll have to demonstrate different levels of care. Slipcovers for sectional sofas are not expensive at all. Instead of buying brand new furniture altogether, you can purchase a set of sectional sofa slipcovers that will save you money and preserve your furniture.

The Many Styles of Sofa Sectional Slipcovers

If you own a sectional sofa and you want to enjoy the benefits of slipcovers that traditional sofa owners also enjoy, there are sectional slipcovers designed specifically for your modular furniture. As you know, a sectional sofa is a very versatile furniture piece. Usually bought as a sofa suite or sofa set, you have the ability to rearrange them in a few different ways, allowing you to get a new look in your living room without spending any more money. It’s also great if you are preparing to move to a new house and want to make sure to “future-proof” your current furniture. Sectional slipcovers will allow you to continue to enjoy your modular sofa but get all the great benefits of that a slipcover offers.

Traditional slipcover sets are usually 2 or 3 piece sets. This is due to the predictable dimensions of a traditional sofa: there are going to be two or three seats, a back rest, and arms on both sides. However this all changes with a sectional sofa. Since they can be a variety of different shapes depending on whether they are middle or end pieces, sectional slipcovers for sofas must be designed exactly to match the unique styles and shapes of sectional configurations.

There are different styles of sofa sectionals that you need to choose carefully to match your furniture. Each section must be slipcovered separately. There is no way to cheat and combine two pieces and use one slipcover set for them both, they are simply not designed that way. The main styles are categorized by the sofa arm’s style, then cushion style, and finally the back style.

Arm styles for sectional slipcovers for sale are:

  • wedge arm style sectional slipcovers
  • square arm sectional slipcovers
  • round arm sectional slipcovers

Use this as your initial guideline when shopping slipcovers for sectionals so you can quickly eliminate covers that will not fit your furniture. You will need to choose between high back chairs, L-cushion chairs, rounded back corner chairs, chaise chairs, and even loveseats and armless chairs. Know that while there are many more styles available than normal sofa slipcovers, it will be worth the effort to carefully pick out the best match for your sectional. Many manufacturers of sofa sectional slipcovers will provide a design for just about any modular furniture configuration you can imagine. And if they don’t, many offer custom made slipcovers that will fit your sofa precisely.

Care of the slipcover remains the same. Always check the insides for specific washing instructions on the care label. You do not want to wash on the wrong setting as it may adversely affect the fit after the wash. It’s best to remove the cover immediately from your washer after the spin cycle in order to prevent any deep set wrinkles from appearing. If you are worried about shrinkage, take it out in your backyard to dry in the sun or else use the lowest heat setting possible. Like clothing, you can also iron out any wrinkles that have formed on your sectional slipcovers for that new look.