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Versatility and Benefits of Slipcovered Sectionals

Slipcovered sectionals highlight your living space in ways that regular or unadorned sofas and couches don’t. Sectional sofas are the most common form of seating arrangement. They come as separate pieces of furniture, but can be fitted together to form one whole sofa and can also be arranged into different positions. The order in which you arrange the pieces does not matter—it’s up to you! A sectional sofa is much more versatile in comparison to the traditional three-seat sofa.

Slipcovers for sectional sofas come in two, four, or seven piece sets. A two piece set gives your slipcovered sectional a more modern look when you arrange them into a ninety degree angle. It can fit perfectly in your office space, your personal home office, or in the den. This kind of sectional sofa arrangement works best if your room space is limited and not very large all around. Adding such a sofa to your room creates the illusion of space.

slipcovered sectionalsOn the other hand, the four to seven piece sectional sofas can be arranged in a greater number of ways and are much more versatile in terms of use. Usually, most of the seats cushions are paired with back cushions and have at least one or two armrests that can either go on the right or the left side. This type of slipcovered sectional is the most popular since it can easily be arranged into a variety of shapes—a straight line, an L shape, or even a semi circle. There is a slipcover for every kind of sectional sofa.

A good thing about sectional sofas is that they are not as bulky and immobile as three and four seated couches. Since sectionals come as independent pieces, you can easily move them from one room to the next. They can fit through doorways, hallways, and even down the stairs. For those who live in apartments, this type of sofa is perfect for your home decorating needs.

Benefits of Slipcovered Sectionals:
• Available in a variety of colors and patterns
• Available in different fabrics and materials
• Disguise old or frayed upholstery
• Saves you money

Although the sofa itself is very functional and versatile to use, the designs and that it comes in is very limited. However this problem can be easily solved with slipcovers for sectional sofas. There are a variety of slipcovers with different designs available to you. Slipcovered sectionals with a stylish design can transform the overall feel of your room instantly. Sofa covers are a great alternative to a frustrating and fruitless search for a sectional that comes in the right fabric and material that will match your home décor. Instead of sacrificing design for functionality, all you’ll need to do is browse around for a sectional slipcover that satisfies your interior designing needs.

Slipcovers for sectional sofas come in suede, natural fibers, and leather. They can be patterned or simply solid colored. As you decide what kind of style you would like your slipcovered sectionals to be, make sure that it matches the style of the room that you ultimately decide to put it in.

Slipcovered sectionals are not only aesthetically pleasing but are effective in minimizing costs in furniture replacement. They help disguise the look of old and worn out furniture or upholstery. Slipcovered sectionals dress up your living space elegantly and effortlessly.

Cheap Loveseat Slipcover Tricks

Buying loveseat slipcovers is a cheap alternative to buying a brand new loveseat or paying for new upholstery. Slipcovers designed to fit a wide range of sofas can be had for less than one hundred dollars and rarely cost more than a few hundred. A pricier alternative, getting a custom made slipcover order, still seems like a cheap alternative to a new chair. With sofas costing upwards of a thousand dollars today, paying a few hundred for a custom fitted slipcover is still an attractive option. However, if you want to really cut down on the budget, we have a couple of tricks you can use during the buying process to help you save even more money while still being able to benefit from all the great things that come with using slipcovers.

Single-Piece Slipcovers

Usually, slipcovers are sold in two or three piece sets to fit the entire loveseat. One usually fits the base, and the other two fit the back pillows and seat cushions. If you are on a tight budget and perhaps only a portion of your loveseat needs a small fix-up, then you can opt to buy a single-piece slipcover that is designed the only cover either the back or the seats. These are also known as cushion slipcovers, as opposed to couch slipcovers which have pieces to cover the entire couch. Cushion slipcovers come in many sizes to fit your sofa, even if you need the T cushion shape. Say the seat has been worn down but the rest of the loveseat is fine. Then just buy the slipcover for the seat and you can greatly reduce your costs without being forced to pay for a complete set that you don’t really need. While the coloring can be hard to coordinate, especially if your existing chair has patterns or you buy a patterned slipcover, it’s still well worth the savings in cost.

Armrest Slipcovers

loveseat armrest slipcoversAnother trick is to just target the arms. These are usually the first places on a loveseat to get worn out. Plus you will also be able to add a bit of flair with a floral slipcover on a solid color sofa. These arm covers are also great for protecting new sofas as well. If you choose this option, you’ll have to first identify the type of arm your loveseat has. The three most common art types are rounded, square, and wedge shape. These are usually very easy to fit and come in a variety of different dimensions to accommodate your sofa. These usually come in pairs for both the left and right arms.

Loveseat slipcovers offer an amazing array of benefits like protection, easy cleaning, and are a cheap alternative to buying new furniture. If your loveseat is in usable condition but just needs a little repair or sprucing up, these tricks will help you get the most out of your budget while still enjoying slipcover ownership. If you don’t need a full set that can cost in the hundreds of dollars, you can get a single piece. You also have the option to cover just the arms. Both choices will help you get cheap loveseat slipcovers on a budget.

Cheap Couch Slipcovers for Any Budget

If you are looking for couch slipcovers that are easily affordable and can do wonders for your furniture, then you have chosen a very popular path among consumers. Couch slipcovers exist for any shape or size chair you might have and in a whole variety of colors and fabrics. There are floral prints, animal prints, pattern designs, geometric shapes, and of course the perennial favorite solids. Is your couch a recliner, love seat, sectional, or wing-back? Does it have square cushions or T cushions? Are the arms rounded, wedge, or square? Are there arms at all? Whatever type of couch you have, you can rest assured that there is a slipcover that will fit. Even for the oddest shaped couch, perhaps a corner sofa with one arm, it’s still possible to get a snug fitting slipcover that will look natural and absolutely gorgeous.

The secret to getting an exact fit depends largely on your budget. If you have a very expensive couch, it may be well worth considering this option even if there is nothing wrong with it. You may simply want to protect your pricey investment with a good-fitting slipcover that will do it justice. There is an answer to that. If your budget is high, then you can get custom made slipcovers cut precisely to the measurements you make on the chair in the comfort of your own home. Take the appropriate measurements as indicated by any slipcover fabricator and within a week you’ll get it shipped right to your door. The cheapest custom slipcovers start from $100 and move on upwards. The price can vary depending on the amount of fabric that is needed, the complexity of the design, and the type of material you choose. Synthetic suede or leather will definitely cost more than denim, which in turn costs more than plain cotton.

If you want the cheap and affordable route that most consumers take, then look into ready made slipcovers. These are made to fit most chairs reasonably well. There are size ranges that the slipcovers will fit, so be sure to make a few measurements of your existing couch so you know what slipcover sizes to look for. Also make note of the couch cushions and arm types. Note whether the couch uses square cushions or T cushions as this makes a big difference. T cushions are not perfectly square and have a small protrusion in the corner or corners depending on if it is a single cushion or more. The slipcovers are also made to fit different arm styles. You do not want to buy a wedge arm slipcover if you have square arms because it simply won’t fit right.

Cheaper still, you can opt for single piece slipcovers that only cover a portion of your sofa. At this point you are going for a very utilitarian route because you most likely have some damaged or dirty part of the couch that you want to protect and cover, but need not spend the extra on a full set that covers the entire couch. This approach can save you the money as slipcover sets generally come in two or three pieces. Why pay extra for slipcovers you simply don’t need? Look for cushion slipcovers that only cover the back or seat cushions and you’ll be on your way.

You can still get all the goodness of slipcovers, notably the design flair it gives, if you want the cheapest upgrade you can do. These cheap slipcovers are designed to fit on the arms of your couch only. They aren’t big pieces of fabric and you don’t have to hassle over trying to fit two cushions into one slipcover. The fit right over the arms of your sofa and are sold in pairs. Again it’s important to make note of your arm types before you shop for these arm slipcovers. You can, because they are so cheap, just get arm slipcovers just as an added decorating touch to bring a little life into your couch. They are so affordable you don’t really need a good excuse to buy them, and they come in sets of pairs to cover both sofa arms.

With so many options for cheap couch slipcovers to choose from, there is a way to get a slipcover for your home needs regardless of your budget. Ranging from the high budget customs to bare budget arm covers, there are slipcovers to fit everyone’s needs. Couch slipcovers are all easy to wash and are great for giving your couch new life so you can continue to enjoy them for many more years.