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Cheap Couch Slipcovers for Any Budget

If you are looking for couch slipcovers that are easily affordable and can do wonders for your furniture, then you have chosen a very popular path among consumers. Couch slipcovers exist for any shape or size chair you might have and in a whole variety of colors and fabrics. There are floral prints, animal prints, pattern designs, geometric shapes, and of course the perennial favorite solids. Is your couch a recliner, love seat, sectional, or wing-back? Does it have square cushions or T cushions? Are the arms rounded, wedge, or square? Are there arms at all? Whatever type of couch you have, you can rest assured that there is a slipcover that will fit. Even for the oddest shaped couch, perhaps a corner sofa with one arm, it’s still possible to get a snug fitting slipcover that will look natural and absolutely gorgeous.

The secret to getting an exact fit depends largely on your budget. If you have a very expensive couch, it may be well worth considering this option even if there is nothing wrong with it. You may simply want to protect your pricey investment with a good-fitting slipcover that will do it justice. There is an answer to that. If your budget is high, then you can get custom made slipcovers cut precisely to the measurements you make on the chair in the comfort of your own home. Take the appropriate measurements as indicated by any slipcover fabricator and within a week you’ll get it shipped right to your door. The cheapest custom slipcovers start from $100 and move on upwards. The price can vary depending on the amount of fabric that is needed, the complexity of the design, and the type of material you choose. Synthetic suede or leather will definitely cost more than denim, which in turn costs more than plain cotton.

If you want the cheap and affordable route that most consumers take, then look into ready made slipcovers. These are made to fit most chairs reasonably well. There are size ranges that the slipcovers will fit, so be sure to make a few measurements of your existing couch so you know what slipcover sizes to look for. Also make note of the couch cushions and arm types. Note whether the couch uses square cushions or T cushions as this makes a big difference. T cushions are not perfectly square and have a small protrusion in the corner or corners depending on if it is a single cushion or more. The slipcovers are also made to fit different arm styles. You do not want to buy a wedge arm slipcover if you have square arms because it simply won’t fit right.

Cheaper still, you can opt for single piece slipcovers that only cover a portion of your sofa. At this point you are going for a very utilitarian route because you most likely have some damaged or dirty part of the couch that you want to protect and cover, but need not spend the extra on a full set that covers the entire couch. This approach can save you the money as slipcover sets generally come in two or three pieces. Why pay extra for slipcovers you simply don’t need? Look for cushion slipcovers that only cover the back or seat cushions and you’ll be on your way.

You can still get all the goodness of slipcovers, notably the design flair it gives, if you want the cheapest upgrade you can do. These cheap slipcovers are designed to fit on the arms of your couch only. They aren’t big pieces of fabric and you don’t have to hassle over trying to fit two cushions into one slipcover. The fit right over the arms of your sofa and are sold in pairs. Again it’s important to make note of your arm types before you shop for these arm slipcovers. You can, because they are so cheap, just get arm slipcovers just as an added decorating touch to bring a little life into your couch. They are so affordable you don’t really need a good excuse to buy them, and they come in sets of pairs to cover both sofa arms.

With so many options for cheap couch slipcovers to choose from, there is a way to get a slipcover for your home needs regardless of your budget. Ranging from the high budget customs to bare budget arm covers, there are slipcovers to fit everyone’s needs. Couch slipcovers are all easy to wash and are great for giving your couch new life so you can continue to enjoy them for many more years.

Pick the Perfect Couch Slipcovers

Picking the perfect couch slipcovers for your living room is no easy task. This is because there are simply so many styles, colors, fabrics, materials, and sizes of slipcovers that the narrowing down the selection can be difficult. To pick the right couch slipcovers, it’s a matter of categorizing the choices available against the choices you can make. As you know, not every couch is exactly the same but there is no way to make a slipcover for every size or dimension that exists unless you want to buy custom couch slipcovers make to spec.

By far the simplest categorization is done via the couch’s arms. Couch arms come in only a few varieties, and by determining the couch arm shape, you can easily narrow down stretch couch slipcover choices to just the ones you want to look at. The main types of arms that are generally found in most couches are rounded arms, square arms, wedge arms, and armless. Since these are the four main types that cover the majority of sofas out there, it is an easy way to eliminate slipcover choices that would not fit your couch.

Once you’ve done this step, it is simply a matter of further categorizing of your couch. Is it a sectional couch? These are popular and versatile furniture pieces that consist of smaller pieces (usually one couch seat) that can be rearranged with other members of the suite to form brand new couch configurations. These types of couches require sectional couch slipcovers designed specifically for them as they are not shaped in the same way as traditional couches. They are modular pieces and you will need to take apart each piece of the sectional and buy a separate slipcover for each. This is important as there will be no cheating and buying a single slipcover set to fit over two sectionals. They simply aren’t designed for that and you will have a hard time fitting them. The rule is one slipcover per sectional.

Another way to continue categorization is through the cushions. Many couches feature T-cushions that need to be fitted with T-cushion couch slipcovers. This is due to the unique shape of the cushion as the slipcovers are either made in the shape of rectangles or must be specially designed for a T-cushion. Be sure to make note of this when you look at slipcovers. There is a difference here so do make note of the cushion type.

The final step is the fun part: deciding on what material to buy. The most popular and common fabric is the tried and true cotton. It’s a cheap and highly versatile fabric that comes in many prints and colors. It’s durable and very easy to wash like your clothing. More exotic materials include twill, chenille, and denim. These are all very durable and the advantage of these is in the weaving patterns, which can give a unique look not found in a cotton slipcover. There are zig-zag, square, or diagonal weaves to give an exotic touch to your couch. There are even leather couch slipcovers available if you decide you want to go for an even more sophisticated look.

Couch slipcovers are a great way to give an old recliner or loveseat that has been through a little bit of wear and tear but is otherwise perfectly usable a new lease on life. They can also be used to protect new furniture or to effortlessly change decorating looks when you get tired of your current one. There is a fabric, print, and pattern to go with any decor no matter how eclectic, and to top if off you will never have to worry about any spills or stains on your beloved couch because cleaning them is just a machine wash away. Though the choices can be overwhelming at first, figure out what type of couch you have by following our pointers above and focus on just the couch slipcovers you can use. Make a decision on fabric and color and you’ll have the perfect slipcover for your couch.

The Many Styles of Sofa Sectional Slipcovers

If you own a sectional sofa and you want to enjoy the benefits of slipcovers that traditional sofa owners also enjoy, there are sectional slipcovers designed specifically for your modular furniture. As you know, a sectional sofa is a very versatile furniture piece. Usually bought as a sofa suite or sofa set, you have the ability to rearrange them in a few different ways, allowing you to get a new look in your living room without spending any more money. It’s also great if you are preparing to move to a new house and want to make sure to “future-proof” your current furniture. Sectional slipcovers will allow you to continue to enjoy your modular sofa but get all the great benefits of that a slipcover offers.

Traditional slipcover sets are usually 2 or 3 piece sets. This is due to the predictable dimensions of a traditional sofa: there are going to be two or three seats, a back rest, and arms on both sides. However this all changes with a sectional sofa. Since they can be a variety of different shapes depending on whether they are middle or end pieces, sectional slipcovers for sofas must be designed exactly to match the unique styles and shapes of sectional configurations.

There are different styles of sofa sectionals that you need to choose carefully to match your furniture. Each section must be slipcovered separately. There is no way to cheat and combine two pieces and use one slipcover set for them both, they are simply not designed that way. The main styles are categorized by the sofa arm’s style, then cushion style, and finally the back style.

Arm styles for sectional slipcovers for sale are:

  • wedge arm style sectional slipcovers
  • square arm sectional slipcovers
  • round arm sectional slipcovers

Use this as your initial guideline when shopping slipcovers for sectionals so you can quickly eliminate covers that will not fit your furniture. You will need to choose between high back chairs, L-cushion chairs, rounded back corner chairs, chaise chairs, and even loveseats and armless chairs. Know that while there are many more styles available than normal sofa slipcovers, it will be worth the effort to carefully pick out the best match for your sectional. Many manufacturers of sofa sectional slipcovers will provide a design for just about any modular furniture configuration you can imagine. And if they don’t, many offer custom made slipcovers that will fit your sofa precisely.

Care of the slipcover remains the same. Always check the insides for specific washing instructions on the care label. You do not want to wash on the wrong setting as it may adversely affect the fit after the wash. It’s best to remove the cover immediately from your washer after the spin cycle in order to prevent any deep set wrinkles from appearing. If you are worried about shrinkage, take it out in your backyard to dry in the sun or else use the lowest heat setting possible. Like clothing, you can also iron out any wrinkles that have formed on your sectional slipcovers for that new look.